Definition of neuroepithelium in English:



mass nounAnatomy
  • 1A type of epithelium containing sensory nerve endings and found in certain sense organs (e.g. the retina, the inner ear, the nasal membranes, and the taste buds).

    • ‘Human ESTs encoding GCN2 were derived from a wide variety of tissues including prostate, uterus, and neuroepithelium in addition to those tissues found to contain mGCN2 mRNA.’
    • ‘Scanning electron microscopy on neuroepithelium of dissected cochlea, i.e., of the upper surface of the hair cells of the organ of Corti, was used to investigate the cause of deafness.’
    • ‘Smell receptors are located within the olfactory neuroepithelium, a region of tissue found over the cribiform plate, the superior septum and a segment of the superior turbinate.’
    • ‘The free nerve endings of cranial nerve V are located diffusely throughout the nasal respiratory epithelium, including regions of the olfactory neuroepithelium.’
  • 2(in embryology) ectoderm that develops into nerve tissue.

    • ‘Immature neural tissue or neuroepithelium is more common than grade 1 but does not exceed an aggregate area of three low-power microscopic fields in any one slide.’
    • ‘An aggregate area of one low-power microscopic field, even if only in one slide of the tumor, exceeds the minor amount of immature brain or neuroepithelium acceptable for Grade 1.’