Definition of network television in English:

network television

(also network TV)


mass nounUS
  • Television programmes broadcast simultaneously across a group of connected stations.

    ‘a new show based on the film is coming to network television’
    • ‘This is excellent stuff, better than almost any dramatic show on network television at the moment.’
    • ‘The video has turned the couple into celebrities in the United States with appearances on network television.’
    • ‘Actors are currently compensated each time a commercial airs on network television in a formula known as pay per play.’
    • ‘Key to the concerns of network television was how to capture the lucrative youth demographic.’
    • ‘Larry performed with the band on a network television show.’
    • ‘I've got a small amount of experience performing on network television.’
    • ‘The ad is being shown on cable and network television.’
    • ‘They're doing a two-hour movie on me on national network television.’
    • ‘He was conceding his primary night loss on live broadcast network television and the stage on which he was standing collapsed.’
    • ‘He received airtime on American network television in order to defend himself.’