Definition of network operator in English:

network operator


  • A company that provides its subscribers with Internet and telecommunications services.

    ‘the mobile network operator abolished international roaming charges’
    • ‘The company's strategy was to give away chunks of equity in exchange for having major network operators test its software.’
    • ‘Typically, mobile phone charges can range from 5p to 30p a minute depending on network operator charges and the time of day calls are made.’
    • ‘The network operators should be able to have incentives to invest.’
    • ‘The problem is costing network operators in the UK millions of pounds in lost subsidies.’
    • ‘The company says it is working closely with network operators to bring more data-centric phones to market.’
    • ‘With more than 110 billion euros having already been committed to licences in other European markets, network operators are choosing their additional territories very carefully.’
    • ‘Network operators love SMS, because it's very, very profitable.’
    • ‘At the moment their stance is that they will use any carrot to get network operators to upgrade their networks and offer more advanced services.’
    • ‘We are now the people who can provide the technology and services that allow the hardware manufacturers and network operators to get products into the shops.’
    • ‘The network operators have sought to position themselves as the punter's default gateway to mobile data.’