Definition of netizen in English:



  • A user of the Internet, especially a habitual or keen one.

    ‘we look at how the new generation of commercial Web browsers can help Netizens surf the world’
    • ‘It is speculated that Next Weekly found this hand-drawn map on an Internet bulletin board system sketched by a netizen and then used it as the official police plan.’
    • ‘Almost a third of all adult US netizens, or around 35.6 million surfers, used auction sites last year.’
    • ‘An online careers database with less than watertight security had clearly been a diverting piece of fun for some naughty netizens.’
    • ‘With the Internet, all they have to do is to post the rumors at the bulletin board systems or blogs and then the netizens will propagate the information.’
    • ‘With no effective enforcement mechanisms, no netiquette-enforcement agencies to speak of - the netiquette maintains an iron grip over netizens.’
    • ‘We become free-floating netizens in a more enlightened, almost angelic, realm.’
    • ‘The Danes are the world's keenest netizens, while the US has the biggest percentage of women online, a survey out today claims.’
    • ‘About one-fifth of Chinese netizens regularly make use of BBS (Bulletin Board Systems).’
    • ‘The number of Chinese netizens puts them firmly in second place, though just about everyone expects them to take first place before long.’
    • ‘The netizens of silicon valley, who provide software solutions to the world, are ignorant about cyber crimes.’
    • ‘Experts said the e-book, which netizens can download from the Internet, can easily fall prey to illegal duplication and distribution.’
    • ‘Because server logs at destination sites show only the IP address of the proxy server, and not the end user, some hackers and privacy-conscious netizens catalog open proxies and use them to anonymize their surfing.’
    • ‘Last month a particularly bold variant on the scheme directed netizens to a fake FBI anti-fraud website that prompted them for their debit or credit card numbers and PINs.’
    • ‘Last week the US Department of Justice issued a special report on phishing to acquaint netizens with the warning signs of the spoofed email messages.’
    • ‘Hackers and privacy-conscious netizens catalog these open proxies, using them to anonymize their surfing.’
    • ‘In its survey released this week, the South Koreans lead the pack, because 58 per cent of its netizens know how to beat the queue to watch the latest blockbusters.’
    • ‘Indian netizens faced with the ban would have to resort to cunning methods to circumvent the block.’
    • ‘But formal organization is something many young netizens may take pains to avoid, possibly viewing it as somehow akin to parental or societal authority, things toward which many musical subcultures are built in opposition.’
    • ‘Thereafter, in Fujian, Liaoning and other provinces, when a netizen arrives at an Internet bar, he must have an Internet user registration card first.’
    • ‘The spokesperson couldn't say whether the software was running inside the firewall, representing a major breach of the Senate IT security, or was a robot-style vote generator run by netizens.’


1990s: blend of net and citizen.