Definition of net current assets in English:

net current assets

plural noun

  • another term for working capital
    • ‘They indicated that the profit was £9,800 and the net current assets were £9,681 (as against £20, 393 in the draft accounts).’
    • ‘The company has large amounts of cash - £1.5 billion - and net current assets are $0.74 billion.’
    • ‘The net current assets are a positive E12.6 million, so that the E12.2 million cost of the acquisition will ultimately not be very high.’
    • ‘As late as 1998 the balance sheet of Magahy and Co was showing net current assets of only £14,500 and accumulated losses of almost £30,000.’
    • ‘In this respect, Graham would look for companies who were valued at less than their net current assets.’