Definition of neritic in English:



Biology Geology
  • Relating to or denoting the shallow part of the sea near a coast and overlying the continental shelf.

    • ‘These observations point to a complex succession of events all controlling the different carbonate producers, both neritic and pelagic.’
    • ‘However, this ichthyofauna is characterized mostly by the co-occurrence of oceanic and neritic fish.’
    • ‘The neritic zone is the first 200 meters of ocean water, which includes the seashore and most of the continental shelf.’
    • ‘Permian shelf-type successions there pass into Triassic sandstones and shales with detached Permian limestone blocks, overlain by Upper Triassic neritic carbonates.’
    • ‘It is on the continental shelves where shelf, epeiric, neritic, or epicontinental sediments are deposited.’


Late 19th century: from nerite + -ic.