Definition of nerite in English:



  • A chiefly tropical mollusc with a somewhat globe-shaped and brightly marked shell, typically found in water.

    Superfamily Neritacea, class Gastropoda: several genera and species, including the European freshwater snail Theodoxus fluviatilis

    • ‘As with the checkered nerite, some members of a population spend more time in the water than others.’
    • ‘But you're right that, practically speaking, it's going to be very difficult to culture nerites in your aquarium.’
    • ‘Local people eat limpets and the gonads of shingle urchins uncooked but they eat nerites and periwinkles boiled.’
    • ‘External colour in tropical nerites is quite variable, and of limited use in identification.’
    • ‘To eat the contents, the nerite has to crush the diatom's hard silicate armour on the ground.’


Early 18th century: from Latin nerita, from Greek nēritēs ‘sea mussel’, from the name of the sea god Nereus.