Definition of nerine in English:


Pronunciation /nəˈriːnə//nɪˈrʌɪni/


  • A bulbous South African plant with narrow strap-shaped petals that are typically crimped and twisted and appear when there are no leaves.

    Genus Nerine, family Liliaceae (or Amaryllidaceae)

    • ‘We spent time looking around several gardens, including Osbourne House and Ventnor Botanic Gardens, visited a local nursery that specialises in nerines and cyclamen, and attended a number of talks and lectures.’
    • ‘Depending upon your climate and the species, you can have nerine in bloom from August to January.’
    • ‘There is always plenty in bloom, especially March lilies, agapanthus, nerines and blood lilies at this time of year.’
    • ‘Also for containers or sheltered, well-drained sunny spaces, the less hardy gladiolus, nerine and Belladonna lily will look exotic.’
    • ‘In horticultural practice, bud abortion, i.e. ceasing of the development of the shoot in flower bulbs, is a substantial problem in several crops, including hippeastrum, nerine and tulip.’


Modern Latin, from Latin, ‘Nereid’.