Definition of nephrotoxin in English:



  • See nephrotoxic

    • ‘Management includes correction of fluid and electrolyte levels; avoidance of nephrotoxins; and kidney replacement therapy, when appropriate.’
    • ‘Acute tubular necrosis may be prevented by promptly treating patients with reversible causes of ischemic or prerenal acute renal failure and by maintaining appropriate hydration in patients who are receiving nephrotoxins.’
    • ‘Conditions that place patients at risk for this condition include untreated prerenal azotemia and the use of nephrotoxic drugs or exposure to other nephrotoxins.’
    • ‘Though it is a very popular drug, acetaminophen is a nephrotoxin, implicated in thousands of hospitalizations each year.’
    • ‘Critical measures include maintaining adequate intravascular volume and mean arterial pressure, discontinuing all nephrotoxic drugs, and eliminating exposure to any other nephrotoxins.’