Definition of nephrotoxicity in English:



  • See nephrotoxic

    • ‘A multivariate analysis could not correlate nephrotoxicity with the dosing regimen.’
    • ‘Most of the rare reports of ototoxicity or nephrotoxicity in patients receiving vancomycin are complicated by concomitant illness or drug use associated with such side effects.’
    • ‘Use of these materials may decrease reactions such as nausea, flushing and bradycardia, but there is no apparent reduction of anaphylactic reactions or nephrotoxicity.’
    • ‘Nearly 40% of the patients had a creatinine clearance below normal, although there was no overt chronic nephrotoxicity.’
    • ‘When examining the relationships between peak and trough vancomycin serum levels and the subsequent development of nephrotoxicity or ototoxicity, it is difficult to predict risk based on these data.’