Definition of Nepalese in English:



  • Relating to Nepal or it people.

    ‘a steep Nepalese hillside terraced with paddy-fields’
    ‘Nepalese postgraduate students’
    • ‘Like Indian food, Nepalese food is full of spice and flavor.’
    • ‘We had volunteered to spend our summer working for a charity set up to aid sustainable development in Nepalese villages.’
    • ‘Her mother is Nepalese.’
    • ‘A Nepalese sherpa guide has once again broken his own record, scaling Mount Everest for the 19th time.’
    • ‘The Nepalese material is extraordinarily rich and invariably reliable.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Nepal, or a person of Nepalese descent.

    ‘many Nepalese have established records on Everest’
    • ‘The work is back breaking, but the Nepalese are very happy people.’
    • ‘The Nepalese see these animals as time-honoured residents of their capital city.’
    • ‘Helicopter evacuation seemed unfeasible as this is too expensive for most Nepalese.’