Definition of Neoplatonic in English:



  • See Neoplatonism

    • ‘As for the alleged Neoplatonic nihilism, even if one were to grant it, it would be in terms of the Pseudo-Dionysian apophasis regarding God which has borne perennial fruit in mystical theology.’
    • ‘Time was a major topic on the agenda of Neoplatonic philosophers, partly because of Plato's remarks in the Timaeus about eternity, partly because of the paradoxes in the fourth book of Aristotle's Physics showing that time is unreal.’
    • ‘Through a number of arguments which draw out the consequences of the Neoplatonic assumptions which Boethius accepts, Philosophy shows that the perfect good and perfect happiness are not merely in God: they are God.’
    • ‘Given the essentially rational nature of the human soul and the rational nature of the Neoplatonic ontology, there is nonetheless room for optimism.’
    • ‘In London he composed his main philosophical work, Foundation of the Fear of God, in which he expounds the Neoplatonic philosophy which features prominently in his biblical commentaries.’