Definition of neon tetra in English:

neon tetra


  • A small Amazonian characin (fish) with a shining blue-green stripe along each side and a red band near the tail, popular in aquaria.

    Paracheirodon innesi, family Characidae

    • ‘Another member of the large characin clan, the lemon tetra has a fairly elongated body like its smaller relative the neon tetra and like neons and other characins, the lemon tetra does best if kept in small schools of six to eight fish.’
    • ‘I can't stop laughing at the poor neon tetra… imagine how freaky the other fish must look to that poor creature!’
    • ‘Compare those with neon tetras or Japanese koi.’
    • ‘Like its little cousin, the neon tetra, the glowlight is an easy fish to keep in a community tank.’
    • ‘He's lived happily for the past four months with a platy and two neon tetras in a five gallon aquarium.’