Definition of neo-Darwinist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See neo-Darwinian

    • ‘Here I wish to present just a few observations that not only support the neo-Darwinist account, but in so doing refute the alternative theory of creationism - that God specially created organisms and their attributes.’
    • ‘However, despite finding the neo-Darwinists enlightening myself, I would prefer to see some theoretical justification for such literal application of concepts borrowed from one order of analytical objects to another.’
    • ‘Genes are seen as the essence of life, as acting to maximise their fitness and survival, with the result that the life world created is a neo-Darwinist one.’
    • ‘According to neo-Darwinist Dawkins, the innate aspiration of the ‘selfish gene’ to leave more of itself behind is the driving force behind evolution.’
    • ‘Dismissing this censure with a smile, the cardinal spelled out a position that respects Darwin's achievements but rejects neo-Darwinist views he said go beyond what science can prove.’