Definition of nekkid in English:



  • (of a person) naked.

    ‘some of the oldest photos in existence are of nekkid women’
    • ‘Do you ever dream about being unexplainedly nekkid at work?’
    • ‘Also, note that his high moment in public life didn't involve pictures of nekkid women at all.’
    • ‘I still need some nekkid pictures, though.’
    • ‘Plus they have a drummer who likes to get nekkid.’
    • ‘Beware the nekkid lady pictures lurking in the margins.’
    • ‘Although it's possible to take a shower outside, it involves, y'know, being nekkid, and although that may be fine with you, sir, it may not be with everyone else.’
    • ‘And now, look at me going on about the fully-clothed help in a place where there's nekkid ladies up on the stage.’
    • ‘But that's not the only fun way to get nekkid this summer.’
    • ‘She had nekkid pics of herself kissing some other chick.’
    • ‘I'm in a situation where I was required to get nekkid.’
    • ‘What could be more enticing than a crowd of nekkid Austrian art fans?’
    • ‘These middle-aged beauties get nekkid for the photos!’
    • ‘But now, if I forget my mobile at home, I feel downright nekkid until I get it back in my hot little hands.’
    • ‘Pink sunglasses aside, she was buck nekkid.’
    • ‘Did I really want to be nekkid, or close to it, in a national magazine?’
    • ‘I am gonna look at some nekkid pics now.’
    • ‘Or maybe I'll just imagine what they look like nekkid.’
    • ‘The photos of me nekkid are obviously photoshopped.’


1970s: representing a regional or humorous pronunciation of naked.