Definition of neighbourly in English:


(US neighborly)


  • Characteristic of a good neighbour, especially in being helpful, friendly, or kind.

    ‘shopping for the elderly is a regular feature of neighbourly support’
    • ‘In many cases the visit of the rolling store was not rushed but was like a neighborly gathering of friends who built trust in each other.’
    • ‘China has always attached great importance to developing friendly, neighborly ties with Japan.’
    • ‘We have gone out of our way to be as friendly and neighbourly as possible but it has been thrown back in our faces.’
    • ‘Ireland may well become more neighbourly but will Ireland in fact return to its tourism friendly ethos?’
    • ‘I could have been neighborly and just asked him to stop, but he wasn't neighborly enough to consider his fellow students when he decided to smoke, so I called the cops.’
    • ‘In many ways this little Delaware County borough was an ideal place to raise a family - safe and neighborly, though she has a hard time thinking about it that way now.’
    • ‘Good neighbors on both sides of the fence need to express their political disagreements without undermining neighborly good will and friendships.’
    • ‘Although it has more than a million inhabitants, Cologne has managed to preserve its neighbourly character.’
    • ‘None the less, the interwar identity of the small town as a moral, neighbourly, and character-building environment was a more complex civic identity than that of the booster years.’
    • ‘And food this good might just be worth the wait, with a little bit of luck and neighbourly support the restaurant might be on the scene long enough to get its act together.’
    • ‘I giggled in agreement with him as we passed; our solitary walks interrupted for a brief moment with neighbourly pleasantries, now to continue alone and quiet once again.’
    • ‘Another function of this neighborly friendship, then, is to widen the scope and prospects of her relationships.’
    • ‘For many, especially the vulnerable, this neighbourly network of support can make a real difference to their quality of life.’
    • ‘Our staff are still the same skilled, helpful and - we hope - neighbourly people they have always been.’
    • ‘He put out his hand in a friendly, neighborly way and smiled a tiny smile.’
    • ‘Ellen, who lived in Chapel Street, was a most kindly and neighbourly person, well liked by all, her passing is deeply regretted.’
    • ‘He was a pleasant and genial countryman whose neighbourly qualities were much to the fore throughout his life.’
    • ‘We know that most people are decent, law-abiding and neighbourly.’
    • ‘This neighbourly closeness extends beyond social pleasantries to a philosophy of making sure everyone on the island is taken care of.’
    • ‘Too bad it had to get to a lawsuit, for one would hope that neighbourly friendship would try a bit harder to resolve matters.’
    obliging, helpful, friendly, kind, kindly, amiable, amicable, affable, genial, easy to get along with, easy to get on with, agreeable, hospitable, sociable, companionable, well disposed, civil, warm, warm-hearted, cordial, convivial, good-natured, nice, pleasant, generous
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