Definition of neglectfully in English:



  • See neglectful

    • ‘They were an organisation of high, almost paranoid secrecy - so secret even half of their own operatives had no idea what was going on behind closed doors, or even those left neglectfully ajar.’
    • ‘They neglectfully forget that the ALP was formed by trade unions to help realise the basic and collective aspirations of the working class and fail to see the sizeable insult to these people inherent in this ‘pop’ terminology.’
    • ‘From the resulting free-kick, Dunning's cross to the back post somehow eluded a neglectfully unmarked McGurk.’
    • ‘He looked through the skies like a maid searching through a sink full of grubby washing for her mistress' car keys which had neglectfully been misplaced; ‘do you believe in all that; UFO's, aliens and the like, Al?’’