Definition of needlework in English:



mass noun
  • 1The art or practice of sewing or embroidery.

    ‘I took up needlework’
    • ‘Sewing needles and different-sized pins, used in needlework and also to fasten clothes, have turned up, as well as nuts and seeds from fruit, some of which no longer grow locally but were brought inside by mice more than a century ago.’
    • ‘Of the many forms of needlework practiced in the United States in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, one firmly rooted here is rug hooking.’
    • ‘One night, we were all sitting in front of the fireplace, Mother reading to Nicholas on her lap, Catherine doing some needlework, and me quilting.’
    • ‘Occupational therapy in the form of needlework, woodcarving and basketwork and entertainment including film shows and dancing all played a big role in the men's rehabilitation.’
    • ‘Basketmaking, woodturning, buttermaking and needlework are among the many craft and heritage practices on show during the day also.’
    • ‘This instruction was only at elementary level, defined as being the 3Rs and practical subjects such as needlework and woodwork.’
    • ‘A sewing group specialising in cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting and needlework meets on Mondays from 11 am to midday.’
    • ‘Informally, women met to socialize and do needlework and sewing.’
    • ‘In addition to darning and plain sewing, she provided instruction in fancy needlework, tambouring, and embroidery in silk and worsted.’
    • ‘Hester's only skill is that of needlework and embroidery.’
    • ‘She was into horticulture, needlework and sewing and I think that must have run through the blood.’
    • ‘The classes will include crochet, knitting, needlework or any craft that there is a demand for.’
    • ‘Interior spaces may also be gendered: the author explores both the activities particular to women, such as needlework or lace-making, and the objects related to female and maternal domesticity.’
    • ‘She does needlework and embroidery and never musses her skirts or get twigs and leaves in her hair, and her skin is translucent and fashionable, it does not turn brown the way mine does in the summer.’
    • ‘Erris is renowned for many things including its outstanding tradition in exquisite hand crafts like lace making, crochet, needlework and knitting.’
    • ‘Without the regular income of Arial's father her mother had been forced to take on sewing and needlework in order for them to keep their heads above water.’
    • ‘The centre is now also well established as an adult education centre and community courses such as cultural fashion, dress making, needlework, embroidery, basic skills, ESOL and drug awareness are also offered there.’
    • ‘For additional fees, girls at the school could take lessons in embroidery plain and fancy needlework, or oil painting on velvet.’
    • ‘The boys and girls, five to 15 years old, were busy doing needlework - some embroidery on jute, some on huckerback.’
    • ‘But very often the image is enhanced by decorative needlework (embroidery).’
    sewing, embroidery, needlepoint, needlecraft, tapestry, crocheting, fancywork, patchwork, wool work, stitching, tatting, crewel work
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    1. 1.1 Sewn or embroidered items collectively.
      ‘exhibits include Eastern needlework’
      • ‘There will be quilts to be judged and other needlework such as embroidery.’
      • ‘It is the skilful manipulation of this single stitch that lends an interesting and characteristic dimension to the needlework.’
      • ‘There was a full entry in all of the elements, with some beautiful paintings on display in oils, and acrylics, together with needlework, flower arrangements and other crafts.’
      • ‘Literally hundreds of crafters will show their skills in everything from fine needlework and pottery, to jewellery, woodwork, pressed flowers and doll making.’
      • ‘Several other examples of Alexandria needlework from the first quarter of the nineteenth century survive, but in most cases it has not been possible to assign them to specific schools or teachers.’
      • ‘The desk surface still held stacks of books, papers, magazines, a basket of yarn and knitting needles, and a half-finished piece of needlework.’
      • ‘Bess was a very keen gardener and flowers and plants feature in the Elizabethan needlework and tapestries in the house.’
      • ‘These items were joined by donations of needlework, silhouettes, mirrors, and other decorative arts by her daughters.’
      • ‘In 1927, Mrs Forepaugh, also donated a panel of needlework decorated with gold thread and beetles' wings, to the gallery.’
      • ‘Show highlights include the pavilions, where you can check out Neville's grass and a range of needlework, cooking, art and craft, flowers and vegetables.’
      • ‘Seven objects - three pieces of Newport furniture, two pieces of needlework, and a pair of Copley portraits - have been promised to the museum, and will be given over time.’
      • ‘I've known spouses who decided to teach for the first time and others who turned their specialised skill into profits making jewellery, customised stationary and needlework.’
      • ‘The wide range of works includes quilts, rugs, needlework, paintings, works on paper, weather vanes, whirligigs, decoys, and painted furniture.’
      • ‘Although the chair frame was made in Newport, the needlework is characteristic of embroideries identified with Boston teachers.’
      • ‘You may count the stitches in a needlework more easily than with the textile actually in your hands.’
      • ‘As in other years a wide selection of flowers, fruit, vegetables, confectionery, art and crafts and needlework will also be on display as well as a wonderful amateur photography exhibition.’
      • ‘This rare early Philadelphia needlework was included in the important exhibition entitled American Rococo, first held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 1992.’
      • ‘They admire crazy quilts for their glorious colors and fancy needlework, log cabin quilts for the numerous variations on a familiar theme, and Baltimore album quilts for their fine stitching.’