Definition of needlessly in English:



  • In a way that is unnecessary because it is avoidable.

    ‘the war was needlessly prolonged’
    ‘hundreds of people are dying needlessly from strokes’
    • ‘The film is often violent, but never needlessly so.’
    • ‘That's a needlessly long amount of time.’
    • ‘It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly.’
    • ‘No wild animal should have to suffer needlessly.’
    • ‘The convoluted plotlines and gimmicky narration distract needlessly from its premise of ecological change and accountability.’
    • ‘So many lives are needlessly lost every year to this disease.’
    • ‘They are needlessly putting themselves at risk.’
    • ‘Some of her clues are painfully obvious, others needlessly obscure.’
    • ‘Eliza told me I was worrying needlessly.’
    • ‘Applying for a grant seems needlessly complex and expensive.’
    • ‘It is irresponsible that certain sections of local government have chosen to needlessly scare the public with unfounded and baseless accusations.’
    • ‘Advocates contend that the government's approach has not only failed, but is also needlessly cruel.’
    • ‘There are so many people out there suffering needlessly.’
    • ‘Needlessly, children are suffering.’
    • ‘It's behavior like that which gets so many rescue workers needlessly killed.’