Definition of needless in English:



  • (of something undesirable) not necessary because avoidable.

    ‘I deplore needless waste’
    • ‘There are far too many people using their cars for needless short journeys such as taking their children to school, he says.’
    • ‘Such neatness, such needless destruction of good healthy vegetation, does not fall naturally with me.’
    • ‘Of course such grief is perfectly understandable, following the loss of loved ones in a needless war far, far away.’
    • ‘In time people realized that such actions could trigger needless conflicts among themselves.’
    • ‘Please improve the quality of your paper by removing this needless source of controversy from its pages.’
    • ‘Anything that seeks to undermine rights is a needless compromise and a huge and terminal step backwards.’
    • ‘The second thing that happens with everyone having a point of view is a lot of needless length.’
    • ‘A feeling of anger followed by concern wells up when we see this or when we read of so many needless deaths of young people.’
    • ‘Glasgow compounded their numerous defensive lapses with a host of handling errors and needless turnovers.’
    • ‘Frankly I can't afford to go wasting fifteen quid on something as needless as this.’
    • ‘This is our first duty to them and is why we should continue to oppose a Government which is exposing them to such great and needless danger.’
    • ‘No week seems complete without some report of the actions of mindless people engaged in needless acts.’
    • ‘The Harps looked to have this game in the bag only to nearly throw it away, conceding numerous needless frees.’
    • ‘The other was an annoyance at how much needless work he'd put into most of those stories.’
    • ‘Until there is a dramatic improvement in the behaviour of all road users, this tragic and needless loss of life will continue.’
    • ‘That's what people complain about most in modern theatre, needless violence, nudity, all that.’
    • ‘Have compassion for all beings, causing them no unnecessary hurt, nor needless harm.’
    • ‘If the installation of safety cameras can cut down on the needless injury and loss of life on our roads then this should be encouraged.’
    • ‘He said disputes and votes being called on the order of business were causing needless disruption.’
    • ‘It cannot be right that we should force people to suffer endless, needless agonies, knowing they will not get better.’
    unnecessary, inessential, non-essential, unneeded, undesired, unwanted, too much, uncalled for, gratuitous, pointless, useless, purposeless, to no purpose
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  • needless to say

    • Of course.

      ‘needless to say, he didn't believe me’
      • ‘We were in a joint family then and needless to say, it was good fun.’
      • ‘In England, needless to say, the mood is one of unbridled optimism.’
      • ‘So needless to say, the celebrations went on long into the night!’
      • ‘So, needless to say, I am intimately familiar with the incident and what took place.’
      • ‘They'll go after him anyway, needless to say, but it stands a good chance of backfiring.’
      • ‘But as a result of all this, Steph, who is, needless to say, completely happy and fine, has a date tomorrow.’
      • ‘Although, needless to say, I am particularly drawn to the fourth one.’
      • ‘So needless to say, there were a lot of jokes about spies and so on.’
      • ‘The show, needless to say, will offer avid theatregoers a chance to get together and laugh at themselves.’
      • ‘And, needless to say, shortly after he began to believe me, he went away.’
      of course, as might be expected, as one would expect, as you would expect, not unexpectedly, it goes without saying, obviously, naturally, clearly
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