Definition of needler in English:



  • 1A person who annoys or antagonizes another.

    ‘a miserable little needler who can't stand anybody else's happiness’
    • ‘People think I'm a great needler, but Jack can do a little needling himself.’
    • ‘Fingers was a great needler, and he stayed on the driver the whole time.’
  • 2(in science fiction) a weapon that fires thin, pointed projectiles.

    • ‘The featureless figure pointed with the needler at the two crewmembers still alive and gestured towards hatch leading to the rest of the ship.’
    • ‘The needlers have returned as well, and while they were significantly weaker in the first Halo, they've become much more effective and damaging in Halo 2.’
    • ‘Dual needlers produce a cool effect but it's still no match for a well-thrown plasma grenade.’
    • ‘He heard a woman's defiant shout, followed by the sound of a needler firing.’