Definition of needleless in English:



  • 1Functioning or carried out without the use of a hypodermic needle.

    ‘a needleless syringe’
    ‘needleless acupuncture’
    • ‘Needleless access components, also from Industrie Borla SpA, can be used as replacements for needle access ports for drug delivery or intravenous administration applications.’
    • ‘Once you have mastered all the steps leading up to the actual needle stick, you may proceed with a needleless syringe.’
    • ‘Amgen provides a videotape and a needleless practice syringe that patients can use to walk through the steps as often as they like before giving their first self-injection.’
    • ‘Imagine a needleless syringe bigger than the one used to give you a flu shot.’
    • ‘In addition, she wrote, "we will continue to promote the use of needleless technology and safer medical devices."’
    • ‘All too often, clinicians themselves don't know that there is a needleless alternative.’
    • ‘Needleless systems are defined as a device that does not use needles for the collection of body fluids or withdrawal of body fluids after initial venous or arterial access is established.’
    • ‘From informal inquiries among my colleagues, it seems to be infrequent that needleless devices are used in the family practice office.’
    • ‘Needleless IV needles and blunt suture needles have been developed.’
    • ‘Your region, facility or agency may have additional strategies in place, such as "needleless" systems, to minimize the risk of needlestick injury.’
  • 2(of a fir or pine tree) having lost its leaves.

    ‘a spindly, mostly needleless tree’
    • ‘Brown, needleless conifers seem to be everywhere you turn.’
    • ‘In winter when these trees are needleless, you can really appreciate the whorled symmetry of conifer trees.’
    • ‘Many of the lodgepole pine trees had been dead for in excess of five years; were needleless; de-barked; shiny and smooth.’
    • ‘Are needleless branches on Lipo pines ever going to grow back?’
    • ‘Twenty years ago, the mountainsides around Dillon were a lush green; these days, they’re gray with needleless trees.’