Definition of needleful in English:



  • The length of thread put into a needle at one time.

    • ‘Pull each needleful through with a firm tug so that the thread should not look as if it is lying on the surface.’
    • ‘In finishing up a needleful of silk, fasten it in the same way, always clipping the silk short, else it will work to the surface and give a ragged appearance.’
    • ‘In summer of 2004, Ari Turner asked me what would happen if I knit them outside in, i.e. by starting with a needleful of stitches and uniformly decreasing.’
    • ‘The bottom should be drawn up tightly, with a needleful of raffia, and a ball of twine of some bright harmonious color slipped in.’
    • ‘When you pull a needleful through a hole, the wool is correctly positioned on a stretched canvas.’
    • ‘Take a needleful of strong thread with a large knot at the end; run the needle through the bunch of gooseberries, tie a knot to fasten them together, and they will resemble hops.’
    • ‘Fill this basket with a few needlefuls of thread, cotton, etc., tied to imitate skeins, and fasten it to the gypsy's arm.’
    • ‘If you wish to control the way the colors look, work the first needleful of thread around two sides.’
    • ‘When the dipping begins each knitting needleful of wicking gets a bath in the kettle of hot wax and comes out coated.’
    • ‘Start the new needleful by running it through the back of the previous stitches, bringing the needle up the distance of one stitch away.’
    • ‘Tom Thumb's mother once took him with her when she went to milk the cow; and it being a very windy day, she tied him with a needleful of thread to a thistle, that he might not be blown away.’
    • ‘She thought it would stay; though the thread was very short she didn't stop to take another needleful and make the button fast, and so for want of a few little stitches she lost her present.’
    • ‘When the skein of whitey brown thread (which is the kind used in bookbinding) is undone, each of the little knots is cut with the scissors, which leaves the thread in needlefuls.’