Definition of neediness in English:



  • See needy

    • ‘Frank sang aggressively, peremptorily, without really expecting an answer; there is desperation and neediness in Nora's voice, but I don't hear her as genuinely asking a question either.’
    • ‘After decades of instructing children not to talk to strangers, your activities are complicit in a prank where they are encouraged to approach strange men while advertising their financial neediness.’
    • ‘He believes that conservatives tend to be people whose psychological needs went unmet in childhood, and who survived this early impoverishment by developing contempt for their own neediness.’
    • ‘The abuse of power is rooted in the abusive family member's extreme emotional deprivation and neediness.’
    • ‘I'm almost an Alpha Male in that respect - not wanting to show my neediness or vulnerability - but I'm learning it's completely silly to be that way.’