Definition of necrose in English:


Pronunciation: /ˈnɛkrəʊs//nɛˈkrəʊs/


  • (with reference to cells) die or cause to die owing to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply.

    [no object] ‘the knee became painful when the overlying skin necrosed under pressure’
    ‘a nasty piece of necrosed bowel’
    • ‘The knee eventually became painful when the overlying skin necrosed under pressure and then got infected.’
    • ‘The patient should be referred for dental advice, as the pulp has probably necrosed, and dental abscess will probably follow in due course.’
    • ‘Even the Nocardia abscesses, that are large and necrose, usually do it in a more uniform manner without multiple areas of destruction.’
    • ‘A severely inflamed pulp will eventually necrose, causing apical periodontitis, which is inflammation around the apex of the tooth.’
    • ‘A small area at the lower end had necrosed and required secondary intention healing.’
    • ‘Histology showed necrosed tissue, which was strongly indicative of pituitary adenoma.’
    decay, rot, decompose, go bad, go off, perish, spoil, deteriorate, fester, moulder
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Early 19th century: back-formation from necrosis.