Definition of necromancer in English:



  • A person who practises necromancy; a wizard or magician.

    ‘Dr Faustus, a necromancer of the 16th century’
    • ‘It's not impossible that you'll run into a necromancer or a prophesier along the way, not anymore.’
    • ‘Your brother may know how to get rid of them for a time being, but only a necromancer can kill a necromancer.’
    • ‘There have been rumors of sorcerers - necromancers… Beings that our priestesses can't possibly fight.’
    • ‘Do you believe that the world of sorcerers, witches, and necromancers is going the way of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians?’
    • ‘However, he turned traitor 10 Great Wars ago, becoming a Demon Arch Mage, and a powerful necromancer.’
    • ‘The man was a sorcerer and necromancer of divine power.’
    wizard, witch, magician, black magician, warlock, diviner, occultist, voodooist, sorceress, enchanter, enchantress, magus, medicine man, medicine woman, shaman, witch doctor
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