Definition of necrology in English:



  • 1An obituary notice.

    • ‘Such a context would also help to explain the emphasis put on the book, and might encourage us to speculate whether the Liber Domini was meant to prefigure the necrologies or liber vitae manuscripts.’
    • ‘In these commentaries called Our Man in Bulgaria, he has reported on Bulgarian orphanages, cafes, water regimes, necrologies, taxi drivers and ethnic tolerance.’
    • ‘In the second necrology, possibly written slightly later and at San Isidoro about 1150, Fernando's obit has been moved to December 23.’
    • ‘And I just want to add, the Oscars have started a lot of things over the years, from the first female announcer to the first, you know, necrology package with people who passed away.’
  • 2A list of deaths.

    • ‘When I was in the seminary in the early fifties (yes, Virginia, there was a time before 1960), the rector kept us busy during the long, dark winters compiling a necrology of the deceased priests of the Archdiocese of Chicago.’
    • ‘When I sat down and did the necrology at the end of the book, and examined all of the cases, it really struck me that I'd collected a very unique body of research that hadn't been done anywhere else, not here nor in the U.S. nor Australia.’