Definition of necklet in English:



  • A fairly close-fitting and typically rigid ornament worn around the neck.

    • ‘The little thing was dead, but still warm; she stooped to lift it, and her distress turned to horror when she discovered that it had been strangled by twisting twice round its throat the necklet she had given to Lanrivain.’
    • ‘Or, for extra sparkle, Banks Lyon Jewellers has a Hearts on Fire necklet featuring the world's most perfectly cut diamond, for £70,000.’
    • ‘When day had fully come he pressed into my hands my morning-gift: A necklet and paired bracelets of red gold, worked and plaited like living hair encircling my throat and wrists, of beauty unsurpassed.’
    • ‘I was making necklets, tiaras and enormous brooches.’
    • ‘The new IT-Girl modeled two of the headline auction items at the Ball - a fabulous diamond and black pearl necklet valued at 25,000 euro.’
    • ‘The final link of what is believed to be a necklet owned by Queen Boadicea has been discovered in Norfolk.’
    • ‘The reporter gushed that ‘her excellency wore white satin plain skirt, bodice trimmed with white mousseline de soie heavily embroidered in silver, a magnificent tiara and riviere, and necklet of diamonds and pearls.’’
    • ‘Lismore Jewel Centre has a range of gold and silver rings, watches, bracelets and necklets, bangles and earrings.’