Definition of nebulous star in English:

nebulous star


  • A small cluster of indistinct stars, or a star in a luminous haze.

    • ‘A 30-minute exposure by I. Roberts revealed ‘a very dense circular nucleus surrounded by summetrical nebulosity, which gave the comet the appearance of a nebulous star.’’
    • ‘Many of these secondary nuclei look exactly like stars but a number of them have a soft appearance which has led Ritchey to call them nebulous stars…’
    • ‘The object was included in a list of nebulous stars by Halley.’
    • ‘This group of nebulous stars is just half a degree north of the much brighter Orion Nebula and has largely been ignored because of it.’
    • ‘Nebulae or nebulous stars were in fact actually a number of small stars clustered together.’
    • ‘He described the Milky Way as a collection of countless fragments of the nature of nebulous stars.’
    • ‘Look again carefully and just to the lower right of the Trifid is another nebulous star cloud, Sharpless2-26.’
    • ‘It is probable that most of these, and also many nebulous stars, may have been formed by volatilization of bodies passing into heated gas, or by aggregation, in the manner already described.’