Definition of nearside in English:



usually the nearside
  • 1The side of a vehicle nearest the kerb (in Britain, the left)

    ‘he veered to the nearside and crashed into a van’
    Compare with offside
    as modifier ‘the front nearside wheel’
    • ‘As he was bending down speaking to them, one man got out of the rear offside door and another came out of the nearside front door.’
    • ‘Logically, the first tyre to strike the kerb would have been the front nearside tyre of the land Rover.’
    • ‘The front nearside tyre was two thirds smooth with no tread and the front offside tyre was one third smooth with very little tread.’
    • ‘The team thundered down the drive and swung out onto the road, the curricle's wheel missing the nearside fence by inches.’
    • ‘He then drove off and mounted the nearside kerb to pass a queue of vehicles.’
    • ‘I thought I had got away with it, but somehow I had taken a hit directly on the nearside front wheel.’
    • ‘Ryan ran out from behind a parked car and ran into the front nearside corner of his vehicle.’
    • ‘The nearside trailer wheels of the articulated lorry lifted six inches from the road surface and the load leaned to the offside and into the next carriageway.’
    • ‘He said he saw the Sierra approaching at speed and saw the offside and then nearside wheels leave the road.’
    • ‘He braked hard and swerved in a bid to avoid Conor, but the nearside front of the vehicle hit him, throwing him 15 metres through the air.’
    • ‘The vehicle has struck the nearside verge with force causing it to roll over several times.’
    • ‘The eight-year-old collapsed unconscious in the road while the driver sped off, leaving behind the front nearside wing mirror of the car - thought to be a blue Mazda saloon.’
    • ‘Her nearside front window was smashed and the thief was able to snatch her briefcase containing her purse, mobile phone and credit cards.’
    • ‘The trailer came to rest tilted on its offside wheels, the nearside wheels raised off the road by about two feet.’
    • ‘The lorry, which was carrying fruit and vegetables, was heading along Featherstall Road in Littleborough when the front nearside wheel went into a hole.’
    • ‘Traffic officers said the car was travelling from Harwich into Dovercourt when the driver appeared to have lost control and mounted the nearside kerb.’
    • ‘The police spokesman said the vehicle would have been damaged on its nearside front corner at the headlight area and would be missing a wing mirror.’
    • ‘The front nearside wheel arch was on fire and the bonnet ablaze.’
    • ‘Officers searched a house in Deal Street and a vehicle and found the passport under the nearside seat.’
    • ‘It crashed into the nearside barrier, ending up with its nose sticking out into the first lane of the motorway.’
    1. 1.1 The left side of a horse.
      • ‘Second favourite Continent, ridden by Keith Dalgleish and trained by Dandy Nicholls, briefly showed on the nearside but was never really in touch.’
      • ‘For correct mounting, we will position ourselves on the left or nearside of the horse.’
      • ‘First home on the nearside was Royal Millennium in fifth with the heavily-backed 7-2 favourite Frizzante just behind him on the stands' side in sixth.’
      • ‘The horses thundered down the nearside, led by a horse which really wasn't happy with running past people (and this was when the course was near deserted).’
      • ‘It was the nearside that proved to hold the fastest ground and Spanish Don emerged from the pack as jockey Leo Keniry conjured a late surge to steal the win.’