Definition of Naziism in English:



  • See Nazi

    • ‘They weren't evil, even though they flirted with Naziism in a pretty stupid manner.’
    • ‘The Marxism of Sartre and the Naziism of Heidegger are sufficient to prove that Existentialism, which already denies any reality to moral principles, can randomly be associated with any sort of politics.’
    • ‘For a long time, the origin of the Third Reich consumed the attention of historians interested in German Naziism.’
    • ‘Suddenly it seemed that Naziism was alive and well and living in Vienna, not least because Haider's anti-immigration and anti-EU rhetoric seemed to hark back to a darker past.’
    • ‘Of course, both Naziism and Soviet communism were critiques of bourgeois liberalism, so maybe they had a lot in common to begin with after all.’