Definition of Nazi salute in English:

Nazi salute


  • A gesture or salute in which the right arm is inclined upwards, with the hand open and palm down.

    • ‘He now claims that he has been taunted with Nazi salutes and people shouting Sieg Heil at him in the street.’
    • ‘To my discerning eye, that looks more like a Nazi salute than a fascist salute (which seems to have a slight curvature of the arm).’
    • ‘Although the palm of the hand was turned upward, the position was generally interpreted - and denounced - as a Nazi salute.’
    • ‘All Germans young and old, thronged the streets, their arms raised in the Nazi salute to their Fuhrer, their god, Adolf Hitler.’
    • ‘Even walking home on a Sabbath from the synagogue to my home in the Giffnock area, it's not unusual to get Nazi salutes from passengers in passing cars.’
    • ‘I honestly believe that there are some things for which no apology can compensate, and if you can pick one gesture that is never appropriate, it is a Nazi salute and saying Sieg Heil.’
    • ‘A self-confessed football hooligan who spent ten days in police cells charged with making Nazi salutes before Leeds United's Champions League match against Munich 1860 said today: ‘I'm totally innocent.’’
    • ‘Some commentators seemed genuinely amazed to learn that Nazi salutes are occasionally given by a mindless minority who allegedly support the team.’
    • ‘But Evelyn would take the call-up papers to the German office in Paris, give the Nazi salute and delay proceedings by pretending her students had exams.’
    • ‘He was not a party member, and declined to give Hitler the Nazi salute, but he enjoyed privileges under Nazism and undoubtedly lent his prestige to the Reich.’
    • ‘Inside is a museum with photographs of more recent events in the square: Nazi salutes and a giant portrait of Stalin paraded on a tractor-drawn trailer.’
    • ‘This occurred at the same ground where fans with swastika tattoos made Nazi salutes and uttered slurs at black players from the German team Bayer Leverkusen during a Champions League game.’
    • ‘He has also been taunted by nationalists giving him Nazi salutes and shouting, Heil Hitler.’


Nazi salute

/ˌnɑːtsi səˈluːt/