Definition of naysayer in English:



  • See naysay

    • ‘This is a significant step, and don't let naysayers tell you otherwise.’
    • ‘Again, I'd take issue with the naysayers who've been poo-pooing the script.’
    • ‘The Florida Marlins swam against a torrent of critics, naysayers and opponents to win the World Series.’
    • ‘The result was the only voices being heard were those of the naysayers.’
    • ‘And the naysayers, once exposed to my blog, can't resist the urge to rant and fume about me in posts on their own blogs.’
    • ‘I do not doubt his good faith, or his wish to effect improvement against the naysayers.’
    • ‘They do not want to spend their careers as professional naysayers, forever doing nothing.’
    • ‘There will be naysayers, of course, those who do not believe that the threat is real or imminent.’
    • ‘A few naysayers like to disparage our system of mass communications.’
    • ‘It exists only in the mind of cynical Anti-American better-than-thou naysayers.’