• 1A person who navigates a ship, aircraft, etc.

    ‘the starry sky was a navigator's dream’
    ‘the driver relies on his navigator's skill at reading the road’
    • ‘Today, sea navigators measure their ship's speed using modern GPS (Global Positioning System) driven devices.’
    • ‘All he had to do was guide the ship, be the navigator.’
    • ‘He said the ship's navigator was allegedly watching a football match when the ferry collided with the islet.’
    • ‘Andrew, who completed his navigator training at RAAF Base East Sale, is now based at Richmond.’
    • ‘The ship did have two stations for a pilot and a navigator.’
    • ‘As well as the pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer, there is a skilled navigator, who has to know the exact course and position as they criss-cross through the center of the hurricane.’
    • ‘An expert navigator and sailor, he competed in the Fastnet Race.’
    • ‘The navigator's station occupied the left-hand side of this section.’
    • ‘In addition five F111 pilots and navigators spent two days in HMAS Melbourne ‘seeing how the navy does it’.’
    • ‘He was an artist and a ship's navigator before he became captain.’
    • ‘The regiment's navigators and pilots will guide ships in, while others unload the vital cargo which will be sent to 12 distribution points by 102 Logistics Brigade.’
    • ‘He was a master sailor and navigator and had sailed with his wife across the Channel and along to Brittany in thick fog long before the days of satellite navigation.’
    • ‘The ship's navigator stood there, tall and smiling, hands behind his back but completely at ease by all other appearances.’
    • ‘A mild breeze lifted the sails and the ship's navigator was confident the fog would blow away, but the weather made many in the crew uneasy.’
    • ‘She found the crew dead at their posts except for the navigator and the ship's captain who were missing’
    • ‘Tongans were fierce warriors and skilled navigators whose outrigger canoes could carry up to two hundred people.’
    • ‘It's been a fantastic aircraft for training navigators and junior pilots and giving them the skills to make a positive contribution to the Air Force's operational capability.’
    • ‘A 53-year-old car navigator died yesterday after being knocked down at a motor rally in Aberdeenshire.’
    • ‘The ship's main navigator pulled a profound breath as he nodded without looking back.’
    • ‘The fleet will then begin service as a training aircraft for Air Force navigators and Navy observers with the School of Air Navigation.’
    helmsman, steersman, pilot, guide, seaman, mariner, wayfinder
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    1. 1.1historical A person who explores by sea.
      ‘New Zealand was discovered by Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman’
      • ‘Captain James Cook, the legendary British navigator and explorer, recorded the transit of Venus from Tahiti in 1769.’
      • ‘The first European to discover New Zealand was Abel Tasman, a navigator for the Dutch East India Company, in 1642.’
      • ‘Dutch and possibly Portuguese navigators had done much to chart the westerly approaches to the Pacific.’
      • ‘The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama explored the East African coast in 1498 on his voyage to India.’
      • ‘The country set sail in the early fifteenth century and never looked back, its explorers and navigators opening up lucrative trade routes to Africa and India.’
      • ‘A year later, Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci sailed to Brazil on a voyage commissioned by the Portuguese crown and returned home with a cargo of hard, reddish wood.’
      • ‘Captain James Cook is widely renowned as an explorer, pioneering navigator and preventer of scurvy.’
      • ‘The islands were named for British navigator John Marshall who explored them in 1788.’
      • ‘No less a navigator than Capt. James Cook failed to find the strait 180 years later, in fact.’
      • ‘The early European navigators and explorers mostly undertook their voyages at the behest of kings in search of wealth.’
      • ‘The Vikings were very skilled shipbuilders and navigators and only sailed between the months of April and early October.’
      • ‘In 1642 the Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman, anchored off Golden Bay, thinking he had found part of the legendary great southern continent which the Dutch East India Company had sent him to find.’
      • ‘Portuguese navigators explored the coast of Senegal in 1445.’
      • ‘Portugal's prolific voyages in the 15th century served to usher in this age of exploration with superb navigators and trading ports.’
      • ‘The islands were first discovered by Portuguese navigators between 1469 and 1472.’
      • ‘The city also boasts the tomb of William Adams, a British navigator who made it ashore when his ship was lost in nearby waters at the end of the 16th century.’
      • ‘As Renaissance philosophers debated the nature of their world, navigators, instrument-makers, and scientists began to channel these philosophical debates into practical solutions to natural problems.’
      • ‘By the middle of the 16th century, the Portuguese, then the world's foremost sailors and navigators, had already infiltrated a large part of Asia.’
    2. 1.2 An instrument or device which assists in navigating a vessel or aircraft.
      • ‘At high frequency, the user position and velocity estimates of the navigator are fed back to the GPS tracking loops.’
      • ‘Beneath it is a navigator button, though this time it's oblong rather than round.’
      • ‘In supermarkets, where space is less limited, self-scanners and store navigators can be attached to shopping trolleys that are then docked at the checkout for payment.’
      • ‘According to the blurb, the Iris 50 Compass is the ‘definitive night navigator.’’
      • ‘This filter provides updates to the navigator's estimate of position and velocity and often includes additional states such as IMU sensor bias errors.’
      • ‘He claimed the package was the ‘first quality in-car GPS navigator at a tenth of the price’.’
      • ‘The personal navigator will provide routing and guidance information’
      • ‘Geographical positions were estimated by the GPS navigator of the ship.’
      • ‘Pocket-ShPIDER as navigator displays the GPS position corrected with SISNeT inside an interactive map.’
      • ‘However, you can clearly see the new navigator design and case styling.’
      • ‘Just like in real life, your car comes with a navigator.’
      • ‘In the lounge was the navigator console, various computers hidden in the walls for research, sofas, tables, and reading material.’
    3. 1.3Computing A browser program for accessing data on the Internet or another information system.
      • ‘Want to check your Web site for compatibility with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator?’
      • ‘Its styles capability is easier to work with and it has a navigator window which is useful for long documents.’
      • ‘The left-hand side of x3i presents the obligatory jog-dial navigator and a 3.5mm headphone jack.’
      • ‘The block navigator, used to organize blocks and commands into categories, comes with hundreds of blocks plus samples of thousands more that are available in optional libraries.’
      • ‘Press the zoom key, located above the navigator control, position the green square over the area of the screen you want magnified, press the button again and up it comes at double the size.’
      • ‘To take a still image or (with an optional expansion card) video, you press the center of a five-way navigator button or tap an onscreen button.’
      • ‘Method and apparatus for front end navigator and network architecture for performing functions on distributed files in a computer network’
      • ‘The navigator is smaller than before, but I found it no less easy to use for that, though I did find myself catching the other buttons more frequently than I did with the previous incarnation of Magician.’
      • ‘The screen is placed between two five-way navigator controls - the one on the left-hand side is used to control playback, the other to locate and select files to play.’
      • ‘The MP - 100 also provides easy track and file deletion, and even a basic folder navigator so you can see what's stored on the device without having to connect it to a computer first.’
      • ‘This connection makes the flowcharting software act as a front-end navigator to the back-end system.’
      • ‘You can conveniently control the cursor with a separate navigator control pad, scroll dial on the side or the stylus.’
      • ‘There's also what's called a five-way navigator button; it serves as your main control for moving around the Treo screen and selecting items.’
      • ‘You have this advanced data browser, and if you want it, the simple, one-window web navigator like approach (like Windows and now Nautilus provide).’
      • ‘Alongside the navigator are two application buttons, invoking the Calendar and Contacts applications.’
      • ‘Pressing the iPaq's navigator control to the left calls up the software's main menu.’
      • ‘The device also sports a large-size display, application launch buttons and five-way navigator control.’