Definition of navigation lights in English:

navigation lights

plural noun

  • A set of lights shown by a ship or aircraft at night to indicate its position and orientation.

    • ‘Some don't even have fire extinguishers, navigation lights and foghorns on board, they add.’
    • ‘The volume of yachts was highlighted at night by their navigation lights.’
    • ‘Look closer and you'll notice the port and starboard navigation lights, and the knot meter lined up next to the speedo and rev counter on the dash.’
    • ‘Two new navigation buoys will be provided in the channel and alterations are to be carried out on existing navigation lights.’
    • ‘Throughout the long night, the Clipper flew onward with wing tip navigation lights flashing red and green to compete with the mass of twinkling stars.’
    • ‘We headed back, swimming across debris over the deck, where a large navigation light lay close to one of the broken masts.’
    • ‘I stuck with my instrument scan because it was too disorienting for me to look up and align myself with the ship's navigation lights.’
    • ‘Many waters and waterways insist on the use of navigation lights at night.’
    • ‘It was pitch dark and I was unable to see the navigation lights of my own boat.’
    • ‘Only their navigation lights and headlamps are visible.’
    • ‘A small red light is displayed, similar to an aircraft navigation light seen from a distance.’
    • ‘The fire was discovered when the boat's skipper went to check the generator after spotting a flickering navigation light.’
    • ‘I had no electronics, no navigation lights and no autopilot.’
    • ‘There were no injuries and damage was confined to navigation lights.’
    • ‘It was a misty night, all navigation lights were switched off and radio silence was observed.’
    • ‘‘The damage is superficial,’ he said, ‘just the wing tip navigation light.’’
    • ‘The second incident involved the coaster Lara which collided with a mooring post and navigation light at the entrance to Alexandra Dock, demolishing the light.’
    • ‘There is also steady a white light on the trailing edge of each wing near the green or red navigation light.’
    • ‘Submarines were seldom, if ever, allowed to dive at night, and they had to burn navigation lights during exercises on the surface.’
    • ‘l looked for the telltale sign of the boat's navigation lights reflecting off the water, but I never saw it.’