Definition of naval forces in English:

naval forces

plural noun

  • Troops, vessels, and weaponry deployed at sea.

    ‘the role of naval forces in protecting the flow of maritime commerce’
    • ‘They would have a right to command the military and naval forces of the nation.’
    • ‘It was possible that some nations would order naval forces to board ships at sea.’
    • ‘Coalition naval forces are still removing mines from the bay.’
    • ‘The four quiet submarines might represent a greater threat to naval forces in Asia.’
    • ‘American naval forces attacked them, developing into the Battle of the Coral Sea.’
    • ‘Before becoming an independent trader, he commanded East India Company naval forces in skirmishes against pirates.’
    • ‘As an angry crowd denounced the navy and demanded the removal of the security zone, naval forces opened fire.’
    • ‘They are developing the capability to project air and naval forces beyond their coastal areas.’
    • ‘The naval forces of foreign powers play a key role in resolving armed conflicts in peacetime as well as in local wars.’
    • ‘More than six countries have naval forces in the waters or on their way there.’