Definition of nautical almanac in English:

nautical almanac


  • A yearbook containing astronomical and tidal information for navigators.

    • ‘The compilation of nautical almanacs made the calculations fairly simple: the tables show where the sun is overhead at any time of the year.’
    • ‘Calculate the data for the astronomical and nautical almanacs.’
    • ‘Tables of values can be found in nautical almanacs for quick reference.’
    • ‘The uniqueness of the book lies in the fact that it provides an accurate method of astro-navigation that does not depend on the use of nautical almanacs and other tables of computed data.’
    • ‘Prior to 1925, in astronomical and nautical almanacs, a day of Greenwich Mean Time began at noon.’
    • ‘Its development was funded in part by the British government on the grounds that the nautical almanac used for navigational purposes by the Royal Navy and merchant shipping was rife with anomalies.’
    • ‘It includes a perpetual nautical almanac for navigational stars as well as the Moon, Sun and planets.’
    • ‘Our nautical almanacs are available in 3 editions: North American East Coast, North American West Coast, and Caribbean.’