Definition of naughtiness in English:



  • See naughty

    • ‘He has obviously got a sense of humour, and his naughtiness makes me laugh.’
    • ‘It's a full moon, we're overlooking the sea below, the cicadas are clicking away; the perfect spot for some holiday naughtiness.’
    • ‘I can recall blaming a sibling for all sorts of naughtiness when I was younger.’
    • ‘She has the knack of bringing out the naughtiness in people…’
    • ‘There's an awful lot of rude words in it, a lot of swearing, a lot of naughtiness.’
    • ‘Amid the nudity and naughtiness is a disturbing, serious look at power and corruption.’
    • ‘Although I've been naughty it's a very small naughtiness, and perfectly understandable when you consider the circumstances.’
    • ‘He had a very highly developed sense of humour and naughtiness.’