Definition of nature reserve in English:

nature reserve


  • A tract of land managed so as to preserve its flora, fauna, and physical features.

    • ‘Castle Point Council has sent a warning letter to a company it believes dumped tonnes of rubble onto land earmarked for a nature reserve.’
    • ‘An urgent call has gone out for a ban on fishing at a Colchester nature reserve after a swan spent three days tangled in discarded fishing line.’
    • ‘The finished park will include five acres of water, a nature reserve and an open air amphitheatre.’
    • ‘China has built a nature reserve at the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon recently to protect its biodiversity.’
    • ‘He called for the creation of a nature reserve to protect the forest and save the black stork.’
    • ‘The beach at Philorth, next to a nature reserve, has consistently been rated as one of the cleanest in Scotland.’
    • ‘Management of the nature reserve includes hay cutting in late summer followed by cattle grazing in the autumn.’
    • ‘I visited a nature reserve in Queensland once, to see juvenile frogs.’
    • ‘Four years ago she received a government grant to turn her land into a recognised nature reserve.’
    • ‘He doesn't seem to realise that Richmond Park has been designated a site of scientific interest and a national nature reserve.’
    • ‘The approval for the nature reserve came not a moment too soon.’
    • ‘The nature reserve and reservoir are quite breathtaking and I enjoy walking there and taking in the magnificent scenery.’
    • ‘He reckons otters are breeding in the nature reserve.’
    • ‘People are campaigning against plans for a mobile phone mast in Nelson because they say it will spoil the view of a nature reserve.’
    • ‘The council feels this land must be acquired if the designation as a nature reserve is to be successful.’
    • ‘A cycle path is to be built across a Colchester country park, despite concerns over the impact on the nature reserve.’
    • ‘I was going to tell you about the birds in the nature reserve.’
    • ‘John's garden is a nature reserve in itself with little ponds, waterfalls, nest boxes and feeding stations.’
    • ‘The nature reserve is home to scores of rare breeds of birds, butterflies and mammals, and is rich in natural history.’
    • ‘At the moment the development will take place on farmland and would not touch the water or the nature reserve to the west of the reservoir.’
    reserve, park, wildlife reserve, nature reserve, reservation, preserve, home, shelter
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nature reserve