Definition of nature printing in English:

nature printing


mass noun
  • A method of producing a print of a natural object (such as a leaf) or a textile by making an impression of it directly on to a soft metal printing plate under great pressure and then taking an inked impression on paper.

    • ‘She observed that ‘even Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by nature printing and left many prints in his 15th-century notebooks.’’
    • ‘Direct fish printing is derivative of the nature printing techniques which have developed in Europe over the last five centuries.’
    • ‘In a sense, nature itself provides the artistic detail as revealed through the nature printing medium.’
    • ‘The renewed popularity of nature printing, including Gyotaku, has given rise to a number of exhibits and to the U.S. based Nature Printing Society.’
    • ‘Before photography was invented, nature printing was used to illustrate books on the study of plants and medicine.’
    • ‘In this nature printing craft you can select the printing medium which you like the best.’
    • ‘Participants will learn basic techniques of nature printing and how to capture the true impression of butterfly wings.’
    • ‘In the 19th century the technique of nature printing was a popular means of botanical illustration.’
    • ‘For the purpose of this study, the author will limit herself here to the application of plants as one area of nature printing and name it ‘Botanical Printmaking’.’
    • ‘The nature printing exhibition came to life, I thought, with our weekly demonstrations of fish printing on t-shirts, but this activity divided my colleagues.’