Definition of nature cure in English:

nature cure


  • another term for naturopathy
    • ‘Yoga is now taught in schools and colleges, nature cure centres, ashrams, meditation centres and stress management workshops.’
    • ‘There are various therapies that look like nature cure inasmuch as there is no drug application in them.’
    • ‘The area comprises two institutes, Krishna Dutt Health Centre which specialises in nature cure and yoga training and the Chandra College for Yoga along with a school and a hostel.’
    • ‘After curing these men of then-fatal diseases he taught each of them the nature cure.’
    • ‘‘The nature cure is not an alternative system of medicine, but it is a way of life,’ he says.’
    • ‘The resurgence of Ayurveda and nature cure is a pointer to the trend.’
    • ‘Disease is the natural cure that the body imposes upon itself and the way of nature cure is to cooperate with this process.’
    • ‘Many fields peculiar to India such as dais, Ayurveda, faith healing, homeopathy, yoga and nature cure are also dealt with.’
    • ‘Interestingly, they will also be offering a range of authentic Asian services like yoga, astrology, nature cure, henna application, hand embroidery and pottery.’
    • ‘He claims that orthopathy is the only nature cure system with a fully-developed nutritional science.’