Definition of natural life in English:

natural life


  • The expected span of a person's life or a thing's existence under normal circumstances.

    ‘the natural life of a hen is seven years’
    • ‘The judge admitted he was only able to set a minimum tariff of just over five years, but he added he hoped the man would ‘spend the rest of his natural life in prison’.’
    • ‘If able to reach our natural life span, we would be perhaps able to live two hundred years.’
    • ‘We could take our profit from the house, move to southern India and live out the rest of our natural lives without ever having to work again.’
    • ‘To die in childhood or infancy is to be deprived of a natural life span; such a death makes one's life a stunted and unshapely affair.’
    • ‘Her natural life span is twenty or more years, but at age 4 she can no longer maintain production levels and is deemed ‘spent’.’
    • ‘Usually our garden furniture survives just a few days of the summer actually out in the garden and then it is banished into the shed where it spends the rest of its natural life acting as a shelf for various books and papers.’
    • ‘As it was she spent the rest of her natural life imprisoned with no hope of release.’
    • ‘Can I keep this little secret hidden for the rest of my natural life?’
    • ‘We hold him in prison for the rest of his natural life.’
    • ‘We're going to be seeing it for the rest of our natural lives.’
    • ‘The only way one can guarantee that people will not reoffend after they have been released is to incarcerate them for the rest of their natural life.’
    • ‘The natural life span of a rabbit is about 10 years.’
    • ‘They need to spend the rest of their natural lives rotting in prison.’
    • ‘Let him spend the remainder of his natural life in prison on an island he deserted.’
    • ‘When they're killed, chickens are still babies, not yet two months old, out of a natural life span of 10-15 years.’
    • ‘They will either be refused admission, or spend the rest of their natural lives in US penal institutions.’
    • ‘Would he be stuck living as a girl for the rest of his natural life?’
    • ‘The inherited traits of the rats in question mean they would normally be nearly blind to detail by three months old and their natural life span is only a year or two.’
    • ‘At the moment a lot of the trees are getting towards the end of their natural lives, so we are thinking about the next generation.’
    • ‘God has brought these two together in holy matrimony to spend the rest of their natural lives together as one.’