Definition of natural frequency in English:

natural frequency


  • The frequency at which a system oscillates when not subjected to a continuous or repeated external force.

    • ‘The tuning fork whose natural frequency corresponds to the frequency of a particular sound of the voice will respond, that is, it will vibrate in sympathy.’
    • ‘These vibrations are at the natural frequency of the glass which is a complex function of its mass and shape.’
    • ‘It is entirely possible that the loud bass music is in tune with this person's natural frequency, thus causing his or her insides to vibrate uncomfortably.’
    • ‘The walking motion is the result of two pendulums (the legs) swinging in their natural frequency.’
    • ‘The swing is behaving like a tuned resonator which responds strongly to a driving force at its own natural frequency but is less responsive at other frequencies.’
    • ‘As the sphere came to within a few hundred nanometers of the surface, the team detected a change in the natural frequency of the paddle.’
    • ‘The solution was to adjust the rotor speed above or below its natural frequency, and we had no more problems.’
    • ‘What we call the ‘natural frequency’ in here is actually the lowest natural frequency of the string.’
    • ‘Tuned vibration damping will reduce the amplification at the natural frequency and prevent the system from oscillating in response to transient vibrations.’
    • ‘Adding skeletal elements stiffens the axis, a change which will increase the natural frequency of bending, permit higher tailbeat frequencies, and hence generate more locomotor power.’
    • ‘Like a mass hanging from a spring, a suspension bridge oscillates at a natural frequency.’
    • ‘The natural frequencies of the wire are determined by the integer harmonics of the fundamental.’
    • ‘The human eye is not trained to see that, but they actually have a frequency that resonates with your body's own natural frequency.’
    • ‘What we do is measure the natural frequency of the cantilever, which is a function of its mass.’
    • ‘My guards are equipped with plasma rifle disruptors which operate at a frequency slightly offset from the natural frequency of hydrogen.’