Definition of natriuresis in English:



mass nounPhysiology
  • Excretion of sodium in the urine.

    • ‘The use of ACE inhibitors to block the breakdown of bradykinin also promotes vasodilation, natriuresis, and a beneficial effect on cardiac remodeling.’
    • ‘In healthy persons, sodium loading increases extracellular fluid volume and EABV, resulting in prompt natriuresis and restoration of normal volumes.’
    • ‘A copious natriuresis, or loss of sodium and water, resulted.’
    • ‘Increased natriuresis is the main feature of these peptides, and this could be a mechanism to counteract increasing volume overload and right heart failure.’
    • ‘The kallikrein kinin system forms bradykinin, resulting in both natriuresis and vasodilatation, and stimulates the production of prostaglandins’
    • ‘They reduce sympathetic nervous tone and induce natriuresis by their actions on the renal vasculature and tubules.’


1950s: from natron + Greek ourēsis ‘urination’.