Definition of nativistic in English:



  • See nativism

    • ‘Such antipathy, especially toward strong forms of bilingual education, is rooted in nativistic and melting pot ideologies that tend to demonize the ‘other.’’
    • ‘Positively, what postcolonial criticism does is to prevent interpretation from becoming too nativistic or nationalistic.’
    • ‘The white slave panic of 1909-10 provoked an even more irrational and nativistic wave of government intrusiveness.’
    • ‘This book is born almost as much out of frustration with the defenders of the importance of culture and the social to human nature as with the proponents of the cruder nativistic views.’
    • ‘Their nativistic posture that the ‘indigenous peoples put themselves on the map’ would erase the essential role of the researcher through their politicized rhetoric.’