Definition of native title in English:

native title


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • The right of indigenous peoples to own their traditional lands and waters, as recognized by common law.

    ‘the ruling recognized native title’
    • ‘Native title owners might voluntarily surrender their native title to the Crown in exchange for tangible commercial benefits for the local Indigenous community.’
    • ‘It drives me mad when you hear over and over again that 70 per cent of Australia is under native title claim.’
    • ‘Native title remains not only a landmark tool of Indigenous empowerment and Western recognition of Indigenous land rights, but also the symbolic lightning rod for so much about Indigenous rights generally.’
    • ‘Banks sent confused signals about the precise impact of native title on financing and security arrangements.’
    • ‘Many people have only a fragmented understanding of native title, gleaned from front-page news reports of the latest native title claim or political outburst.’
    • ‘The Australian High Court's 1992 decision in the Mabo case to recognise native title is one of the most important and yet misunderstood court decisions in Australian history.’
    • ‘This extensive multimedia resource explores issues from colonisation and indigenous culture to land rights and native title.’
    • ‘The book promotes an Aboriginal perspective on native title.’
    • ‘More than a decade of Australian native title law, relatively few native title claims have succeeded in court.’
    • ‘It took some time from the delivery of the Mabo judgment before many in government and business awoke properly to the implications of native title.’