Definition of native hen in English:

native hen


  • A moorhen found in Australia, with mainly dark plumage and a greenish bill.

    Genus Gallinula, family Rallidae: G. ventralis of Australia and G. mortierii of Tasmania

    Also called waterhen or gallinule
    • ‘Now endemic to Tasmania, the native hen once occupied large areas of southeastern Australia.’
    • ‘There are a group of native hens that graze in the school grounds and many other bird species in the trees and understorey beside the creek.’
    • ‘In addition, juvenile native hens assist with the raising and protection of their brothers and sisters.’
    • ‘The Tasmanian native hen is a flightless rail endemic to Tasmania, which exhibits frequent mate sharing by males and occasional joint nesting by females.’
    • ‘Tasmanian native hens, echidnas, possums, wallabies, birds of prey and many others can also be seen on the property.’