Definition of native dog in English:

native dog


NZ, Australian
  • A kind of wild or half-domesticated dog found in Australia; a dingo.

    ‘a lamb had been killed by some of the native dogs’
    • ‘The infant was snatched from the family campsite by a wild native dog.’
    • ‘Percy has plaster casts of the foot-prints of a native dog that are far too big to be a dingo's.’
    • ‘The girl suffered bite wounds to her legs after the native dogs pounced when she wandered away from her parents and into sand dunes on the Queensland island.’
    • ‘Despite their bad reputation, the native dogs are a protected species on Fraser Island.’
    • ‘Later the dogs went wild and became the ancestors of the dingo, now considered an Australian native dog.’
    • ‘Australia's native dog may have arrived here much earlier and by quite a different route than previously thought.’
    • ‘With a massive native dog population and wild dogs and foxes, it's more a question of when rather than whether the disease will spread.’
    • ‘Most kangaroo species generally prefer open country where their great speed is an advantage in escaping dangers such as Australia's wild native dog.’
    • ‘The baby is alleged to have been killed by a wild Australian native dog.’
    • ‘Should the native dog be put on the endangered species list?’