Definition of native-born in English:



  • Belonging to a particular place or country by birth.

    ‘the island has a population of 56,000, 90 percent of whom are native-born Inuits’
    • ‘In general, immigrants tend to be more conservative than native-born residents, according to the study.’
    • ‘Of native-born Cuban Americans, almost 47 percent have attended private schools.’
    • ‘Few Chilean Americans have been active in the military, but this will change as more native-born children grow up.’
    • ‘Ruling the city was a power elite of native-born old Americans, hailing from New England, including lawyers, businessmen, and pietist Protestant ministers.’
    • ‘Together, they formed the trinity of nativeborn painters who pioneered the modern movement in New Zealand art.’
    • ‘From 1999 to 2000, for example, the number of native-born Americans with less than a high school education fell 5%.’
    • ‘Most native-born Americans in 1920 had grown up in the country or in small towns.’
    • ‘Nearly a quarter of all foreign-born residents have their bachelor's degrees, essentially the same proportion as native-born Americans.’
    • ‘Indeed, her German is by now more fluent than that of native-born people.’
    • ‘At the college level relatively few native-born Americans are choosing to study the hard sciences or engineering, from which so much innovation flows.’
    • ‘The consumer needs, tastes, and spending habits of new immigrant groups are often somewhat different from native-born groups.’
    • ‘Although native-born artists, chief among them the sculptor Michel Colombe, did work in the new idiom, rich 16th-century patrons at first preferred Italians.’
    • ‘The native-born residents of American Samoa are considered American nationals.’
    • ‘Native-born Luxembourgers are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, as are most immigrants from Italy and Portugal.’
    innate, inborn, inherent, native, intrinsic, instinctive, instinctual, intuitive, natural-born, ingrained, built-in
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