Definition of national superannuation in English:

national superannuation


mass nounNZ
  • A universal state pension paid to New Zealanders aged 65 and over.

    ‘they're looking at raising the age of eligibility to national superannuation’
    • ‘We are one of the few countries that has decided to partially pre-fund national superannuation.’
    • ‘Given the enormity of the challenges we face in funding our National Superannuation system, the question of raising the starting age from 65 to 67 is almost like a side issue.’
    • ‘What is their record on securing national superannuation?’
    • ‘He forgot to mention he's entitled to National Superannuation on top of his $26K pension from parliament.’
    • ‘Just on the minimum wage alone, what will that do to the cost of funding a wage-related national superannuation scheme?’
    • ‘National superannuation is assumed to remain the same under the bottom-up and top-down scenarios because the formula for this is fixed.’
    • ‘He says a compulsory system could also threaten national superannuation and lead to the pension being reduced.’
    • ‘I was intrigued by his comments that perhaps we should, in effect, pay a premium to war veterans who attain the age of eligibility for national superannuation.’
    • ‘As it did with the national superannuation fund, Labour unilaterally sought to impose consensus.’
    • ‘More certainty needs to be introduced into the national superannuation arrangements.’